The Scarlet Sheath was a tavern located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Anthara Shalymarr.[1][2]


The building was once an abandoned ruin, until was taken over and lightly renovated by Anthara Shalymarr.[1] She turned it into the Scarlet Sheath tavern by 1358 DR.[2]

On more than one occasion, Zhentarim agents assassinated people in the Sheath by sticking long blades through the tapestries and holes in the walls.[1]

The famed traveller Volothamp Geddarm once visited the tavern and said he liked it.[1]

The Scarlet Sheath was still in operation by 1369 DR.[1]

Structure & InteriorEdit

The tavern was quite obviously once a burned and ruined building, and still looked like it. Anthara simply and determinedly nailed tapestries over the holes and burn marks. Thus, the interior was dusty and seedy, and resembled a dilapidated harem. The furniture was very comfortable.[1]


The regular patrons were quick to defend the waitresses from patrons who mistreated them, while Anthara was handy at throwing a knife at any who got too lusty with her.[1]


The Scarlet Sheath was the local drinking hole of Wheloon. Many tired farmers went there at the end of a working day, as did merchants passing through. It provided comfortable furniture and swift service from the pretty and friendly waitresses.[1]

Anthara held that a tavern should be separate from daily matters, where people could talk freely. She had an agreement with Lord Sarp Redbeard, ruler of Wheloon, that patrons would not be held responsible for things said while in her tavern. Thus, the Sheath served as a "fire flume" or safety valve, as a useful outlet for locals to vent their feelings. It also served for illicit dealings, though anyone could overhear such conversations.[1]

Volo said he liked the Scarlet Sheath, but recommended that fussy or cautious travellers go elsewhere.[1]



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