The Scavenger was a large squid ship–type spelljammer that was captured and became trapped in Undermountain.[1]


The Scavenger was built by mind flayers. Its design was similar to standard squid ships, but considerably larger. The ship's hull was made of a resin with the same consistency as wood. Although capable of floating on water, the ship had no sails or any propulsion mechanism other than its spelljamming helm.[1]

The ship's bridge contained a chart with a map of Realmspace painted on the ceiling.[1]


Sometime in the late 15th century DR, while the Scavenger was orbiting Toril, the wizard Halaster Blackcloak lured it into Undermountain through a gate. He then stole the ship's spelljamming helm and hid it away, ignoring the ship's crew and leaving behind its existing treasure and provisions. With no way to escape, the marooned crew was left to their own resources.[1]


The mind flayer N'ghathrod, native to the planet Glyth, was the captain of the Scavenger. It commanded a crew of four gray slaadi, who controlled the ship's ballistae, and sixteen orogs native to the planet H'Catha before the ship was apprehended.[1][2]




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