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Captain Schael Corwin was an officer of the Flaming Fist during the mid–14th century DR.[2]

"Ah, noise and crowds. Feels like home."
— Corwin[2]


Schael was quite a free spirit in her younger years and tested her father's composure and emotional fortitude. Her exploits even got her into trouble with the soldiers whose ranks she would later join.[2]

As an adult, she could readily be described as a no-nonsense individual. She was extremely dutiful and devoted her life to her family and the Fist.[2]

She enjoyed Berduskan Dark wine.[3]


Schael owned a unique set of chainmail that was custom-made to fit her form. Schael's father gifted it to her when she gained admission into the Flaming Fist.[2]

She wielded an enchanted composite longbow that could entangle any foe she struck with an arrow.[2]


Schael followed the path taken by her father Audamar, who was also a soldier of the Flaming Fist.[2]

Schael had a tumultuous relationship with Rhoma's father, Beno Famari. Over the course of their knowing one another she had killed him on at least five separate occasions.[2]

For a short while she worked alongside an elven wizard named Zeri.[1]


After she joined the Flaming Fist, Corwin ascended through the ranks rather quickly. She eventually attained the rank of captain.[2]

When the War of the Shining Crusade broke out in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Captain Corwin was assigned to accompany the Hero of Baldur's Gate as they rallied their old adventuring party and prepared to accompany the Flaming Fist north to rally with the rest of the Coalition forces.[2]



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