The Schamedar Plains were the fertile countryside east of the city of Schamedar in Calimshan.[1]


The plains extended east from Schamedar to the River of Ice,[1][2][3] and contained many small towns and villages.[4][5]


In the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, men from the towns and villages in the plains rose up to fight against Shond Tharovin and his Cult of the Living Gem. Calling themselves the Seven Satraps, they raised a small army and with it held the city of Schamedar under siege for nearly a year, until they were finally able to drive the Cult out of the city and into hiding.[4][5][6]

After the Spellplague and the Second Era of Skyfire, the Calim Desert expanded so far east that its sands encompassed the plains until the River.[1]



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