I may be a lizard man, but I ain't stupid.
  — Schlith Darkscale's favorite saying.

Schlith Darkscale was the director of Jamm Services, a company found on Coliar in Realmspace, and one of the most powerful figures in Coliar society.[1]


Schlith was lizardman. He was missing several of his front fangs—a combination of having lost some in tavern fights and from gritting his jaws too tightly from fear while taking a joyride in a spelljammer in his younger days. He also was notable for having particularly bad breath, described as smelling of rotten fish or spoiled milk.[1]


…some sort of voodoo thing…
— Schlith's description of spelljamming.

Schlith had a wide reputation among both lizardfolk and aarakocra inhabitants of Coliar as being the most knowledgeable expert on the topic of spelljamming. The truth was that he did not know the details of how spelljamming worked at all; it was all a black box to him. However, he was indeed exceptionally knowledgeable about all manner of other topics of interest to spacefarers—the locations of the best restaurants and pubs, rumors, quests, etc. He always made sure that his whereabouts were publicly known so that he could offer his services.[1]


Schlith was perceived as rude, haughty, and vulgar, using language often so offensive that it made many listeners feel dirty. He was very proud of the respect that people all over had for his knowledge, but he was sensitive about being taken advantage of.[1]

Schlith was terrified of fast speeds and avoided any sort of vehicle that moved faster than he could walk.[1]


Schlith was very particular about whom he worked with, strongly preferring only persons with a lawful good outlook on life. These were the only types of people whom Schlith trusted to be honest and the only ones who did not make him feel used. Unfortunately, his insistence on only working with such people meant that he was not very well liked, not even among good and lawful visitors or residents. He thus had very few friends.[1]

For those who could tolerate his bad breath and crude personality, however, Schlith could manage to acquire just about anything, even discounts on air taxes or the purchase of water for space voyages.[1]


Schlith became director of Jamm Services sometime before 1350 DR.[1]



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