The Scimitar of Souls was a replica of Iyachtu Xvim's Scimitar of Souls.[1]


Circa 1310 DR, Madae of the Legion of the Chimera ordered one of her most talented weapon-smiths to craft the weapon at the Severed Hand in the Spine of the World. Once it was finished, she had it placed in the hands of a statue of Iyachtu Xvim, both to honor the Godson and to arm his avatar should he one day appear. This happened when adventures came to defeat them.[1]


It was a scimitar with a polished, black blade. The blade was large and serrated all down its back, around its tip, and one quarter of the way down its edge. Although finely forged, it had a fittingly brutal appearance. It weighed 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms).[1]


It was a +3 scimitar that could suck the life from those it struck, severely weakening them. It could also be used to dispel magic.[1]



In Icewind Dale II's "Heart of Fury" hard-mode, this sword is replaced by the Scimitar of the Soulless, a +5 weapon that also inflicts acid damage.

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