A scythe (pronounced: /sðseyedh[4]) was a farm implement that could be used as a two-handed, martial melee weapon.[2]


A scythe was a long, curved, sharp-pointed, one-sided blade mounted at 90° on a shaped haft and was normally used for harvesting wheat or corn. The blade was tilted and the haft was shaped to make it easy to swing just above the ground and cut the crop stalks. One or two handles might jut out of the haft to make it more comfortable to swing in a mowing fashion. The military version of this tool was a bit straighter, reinforced, and balanced for war.[5]

Fully assembled scythes were available for purchase through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, as well as the blade or handle individually as separate parts.[1]


The scythe could be used for piercing or slashing attacks in the same manner as some pole arms, like halberds, but it was not a reach weapon. It took two hands to wield a scythe and some training to use it effectively, so it was classified as a martial weapon. Because the blade was long and slightly curved, it could be used to trip opponents.[6]


  • Scythes were the favored weapon of followers of Myrkul.
  • The favored weapon of the deity Chauntea was a scythe.[7]
  • In the 1370s DR, scythes could be bought in many stores.[8][9]


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  1. The scythe is not mentioned in the 1st or 2nd edition player handbooks.



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