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The sea domain was a deity domain that was associated with exploration, as well as the power of mighty storms and endless waves.[1]


Umberlee, the Queen of the Depths, was the only deity that held control over the domain of the untamed sea. To any and all who wished to enter her domain must have paid her tribute or be subject to her fury.[1]

Power of Sea Domain[]

Any divine caster who worshiped a god of the sea domain may have used it to channel the power of the deity. When a divine caster chose this domain, they became more athletic. In addition, when a caster used a power associated with this domain that hit an enemy, they could attempt to resist an effect or choose that an enemy would become more likely to be hit with spells for a short time. The powers of the domain were: bond of censure, divine bolds, recovery strike, virtuous strike.[2]

By channelling the power of their deity, the caster could summon a great wave to carry themselves, or their chosen ally, to safety.[2]




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