Umberlee holds the domain of the untamed sea, to any and all who wish to enter her domain must pay tribute or risk drawing her terrible wrath. The Queen of the depths will strike swiftly and unrelenting against those who anger her.[1]



Power of Sea DomainEdit

Any divine caster who worships a god of the sea domain may use it to channel the power of the deity. As a Divine caster choses the domain she will become more athletic, also when a caster uses a power associated with the domain that hits an enemy, she can choose to ether attempt to resist an effect on her, or she can choose that the enemy will be more likely to be hit with spells for a short time. The powers of the domain are:
Bond of censure
Divine bolds
Recovery strike
Virtuous strike

Sea surge divinityEdit

To use the divinity of the sea domain one must have the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster has this it gains the ability to use Sea surge

Sea surgeEdit

Your prayer rings true as an effect that pulls, pushes or slides hits you or a near by ally, as the domain granted a wave to carry you a very short distance to safety. [2]




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