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The Sea of Swords was a region of the Trackless Sea that separated the western coast of Faerûn (known as the Sword Coast) from the Nelanther Isles and the Moonshae Isles.[1]


The major island chains of the Moonshaes and the Nelanther Isles and the jutting Tethyr Peninsula formed a rough boundary for the Sea of Swords. However, various authors have described the Sea of Swords as extending around the peninsula to meet the Purple Cliffs[2] (the western edge of the Purple Hills in Tethyr). On the northern end, at least one author placed the island of Ruathym in the Sea of Swords,[3] and another added the island of Gundarlun and even the Purple Rocks.[4] It was not unusual for the Sea of Swords to be considered extending as far north as Luskan.[5][6]

Map of Luskan and Neverwinter on the shore of the Sea of Swords.


At least one kingdom of sea elves, known as Nindrol, claimed the waters around the island of Toaridge-at-the-Sun's-Setting[7] just north of the Nelanther (or the northernmost island of that group, according to some maps[8]).

Notable Locations[]

  • Red Rocks, an archipelago located off the stretch of the coast near Waterdeep.[9]



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