Sea spirit folk were a type of spirit folk found in Kara-Tur.[2]


Sea spirit folk were physically similar to river spirit folk. Their bodies were slender and thin. Their clothing was usually plain, similar to that worn by many Kara-Turan peasants.[2]


Sea spirit folk were capable and skillful fighters. River spirit folk used weapons in combat and were most often seen wielding daggers, short swords, spears, or tridents. River spirit folk often trained to become bushi, kensai, or samurai.[2]


River spirit folk had a strong attunement to water and as a result had unique powers in regards to natural forces. They were expert swimmers, moving through water as if it was air. While in the water, anything they carried remained dry. They had a natural resistance to any fire and any fire-based magic. Sea spirit folk were able to predict the weather once per day. This allowed them to gain an accurate forecast for the next day.[2]


Sea spirit folk were nomadic and reclusive and generally avoided contact with humans. They maintained peaceful relationships with ningyo[3] and sometimes sea spirit folk lived with a school of hai nu.[4] Sea spirit folk served the Sea Lord, who was a kind and benevolent lord to the sea spirit folk. The Lord of the Seas was known to gift worthy sea spirit folk.[2]


Unlike other spirit folk, the life-force of a sea spirit folk was not connected to the sea. Any changes in the ocean did not harm them nor did it heal them if injured or sick. They received a favor from the ocean once per year. This favor could be a change in the weather or recovering a lost item. They were able to breath air and in both fresh and salt water.[2]

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