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Sea wyrms were legless and wingless dragons that inhabited the oceans and seas surrounding Zakhara.[1]


Sea wyrms did not have legs or wings on their elongated bodies.[1]


Sea wyrms were generally peaceful creatures and rarely attacked unless their territory was disturbed. These creatures did not get stronger as they grew larger, so small young sea wyrms could cause just as much damage as larger older ones.[1]

Sea wyrms could execute a constricting attack capable of harming living creatures and ships alike. They were capable of dragging ships equal to their size under the sea.[1]

Older sea wyrms could use their breath weapon, which was a blast of sleep-inducing gas.[1]


Sea wyrms lived underwater or on land, being able to breathe air and water equally well. They could slither on land similar to a snake. Their favorite food was fish or fruit, but they ate anything they could find.[1]

Sea wyrms lived in small groups and mated for life. Females only produced one egg from mating. Sea wyrm babies made great pets if they were captured at an early age.[1]

In contrast to true dragons, sea wyrms progressed through four rather than twelve age categories during their lives, called baby, adolescent, adult and ancient.[1][2]



These creatures lived in caves found underwater or on remote islands. They aggressively defended their homes within a 2 miles (3.2 km) radius, and hunted out to a 30 mile (48.1 km) radius.[1]

Sea wyrm skins sold for 1,000 to 3,000 gold pieces.[1]




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