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Search for the Diamond Staff was an adventure module for the D&D Encounters program in 2013, for the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Diamond Staff of Chomylla, an artifact with the power to unlock the mysteries of an ancient elven civilization, has at long last been found. When orcs steal the staff, though, it’s up to a group of heroes to stop them. Why orcs should want the staff is anyone’s guess, and the quest to find the truth might well lead the adventurers across the Dalelands and into the depths of the lost library-vaults of Uvaeren. Search for the Diamond Staff™ is a Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game adventure designed for the June and July 2013 season of the D&D Encounters official play program. The adventure comes with two full - color battle maps, eight ready-to-play encounters, and information on the D&D Encounters program.

Plot Synopsis[]

Following on from the events of Vault of the Dracolich, the sage Imani organises an expedition to one of Uvaeren's library-vaults. However, orcs from the Fangfist tribe steal the Diamond Staff of Chomylla from Imani's tower. The Zhentarim are the true culprits but they have merely been hired by a sembian mage to obtain the staff for his shadovar masters, however, the leader of the contingent of mercenaries betrays her employer to keep the Staff for herself. The woman fled to Peldan's Helm in Mistledale, where she hoped to open the Vault of Song and plunder the artifacts and lore held within but was being chased by Dretchroyaster's dragon cultist minions. A three-way battle for the Staff ensues inside the Vault between agents of Imani, the Zhentarim and the cultists.