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Sebek, (pronounced: /ˈsɛbɛkSEH-beck[1]) known as Sebethant in Thay and as Sebakar (pronounced: /sɛbɑːˈkɑːrseh-ba-KAR[6]) in Unther[3] and Chessenta,[6] was a jealous, vain, and evil member of the Mulhorandi pantheon. The Lord of Crocodiles was a member of low-standing, yet rivaled only by Set in his wickedness.[3]


Sebek usually appeared in one of two forms. The first, known as the "Lord of Crocodiles", was that of a Mulan man possessing the head of a crocodile. This form typically wore a horned and plumed headdress. The second form, known as the "Smiling Death", was that of a giant crocodile.[3] The appearance of a giant crocodile's smile was used a sign of favor and disfavor.[8]


Sebek delighted in devouring humans, but could be convinced not to through obsequious begging and offerings of even greater meals.[3]


Sebek was able to summon and control crocodiles at will, and has been known to swallow boats and living creatures whole.[8]


Before the Spellplague, Sebek rarely manifested in the material world, usually sending his avatar to hunt.[8]


Sebek was an outcast in the eyes of the rest of the Mulhorandi pantheon, though he was known for occasionally being ally of his father, Set.[3] Sebek often had conflicts with Malar, who disliked the Mulhorandi deity for possessing a portion of his portfolio of lycanthropes.[9]


Holy Symbol of Sebek

Worship of Sebek was rare, and even considered anathema in some places, such as Chessenta,[6] though he was often well respected in communities near large populations of crocodiles.[8]

Priests of Sebek wore linen skirts and collars, and shaved their heads. They favored no ornamentation in crocodile form. When preparing for combat, the clergy of Sebek favored light armor and simple weapons.[8]

Clerics of Sebek prayed for spells at dusk.[1]

Church of Sebek[]

Priest of Sebek.

All clergy of the church of Sebek were werecrocodiles, usually of Mulan descent.[8]

Priests of Sebek spend much of their time planning methods of seizing power in their surrounding regions.[8]

The city of Sekras housed a temple that served as the center of the church of Sebek, known as the River's Maw. Upon the city's destruction, the clergy relocated to the Adder Swamp of Chessenta. No temples dedicated to the "Smiling Death" were known to exist as of 1358 DR.[8]


All werecrocodiles followed Sebek, though no organizations were known to be sponsored by the church.[8]


Monthly offerings of meat were dedicated to Sebek in order to ward off crocodile attacks.[8]

Priests of Sebek had to kill a sentient creature monthly, as well as create at least one new werecrocodile from among the humans living in Mulhorand each year.[8]


Sebek was the son of an ancient manifestation of the Mulhorandi god Set and a bestial archfey of the Feywild known as Mornach.[6] Prior to the Time of Troubles, the largest sect of Sebek's worshipers were expelled from Mulhorand by the Brotherhood of Those Who Smile in the Face of Death. They resettled in Chessenta.[3]

In the late years of the 15th century DR, some rumors said that Sebek was living in the Adder Swamp.[6]


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