The second inter-dale war occurred in 1356 DR when Lord Lashan Aumersair of Scardale invaded a number of other dales. His forces quickly overcame Battledale, Featherdale and Harrowdale, and soon began invading Deepingdale and Mistledale.[1]

However, Cormyr, Hillsfar, Sembia and Zhentil Keep were displeased by Lord Lashan Aumersair's intentions, and an alliance was formed, which saw his defeat and the collapse of his "empire".[1]

Combatants[edit | edit source]

Thaeron, swordmaster to Lord Elmaer Oraun almost two centuries prior to the battle, who had been living under the guise of farmer Durthar Morgath, but revealing himself as "Thaeron, Rightful Swordmaster of Harrowdale", rallied men from northern Harrowdale to fight against Lashan, and was killed in the battle.[2]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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