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See invisibility, or detect invisibility,[15] was a divination spell that allowed the caster to see invisible or ethereal creatures and objects.[5] Some creatures had the magical ability to always see invisibility, such as helmed horrors,[16] jade spiders,[17] marids,[18] and other creatures.


When cast, the spellcaster's eyes could see invisible and ethereal things as translucent shapes for a distance as far as he or she could normally see. It was easy to determine which things were visible as opposed to invisible while under the effects of the spell.[5]

The spell did not provide any information about whether the invisibility was the result of a spell or of some supernatural quality. It did not permit the caster to see through other opaque objects. Someone or something hidden in a natural manner was not revealed by this spell.[5]

The ability provided lasted at least a half hour and longer if cast by a more powerful spellcaster. The effect could also be made permanent.[5]


The spell required verbal and somatic components, a pinch of talc, and a tiny sprinkling of powdered silver.[5]


This spell was originally developed by Netherese arcanist Trebbe in −2241 DR under the name Trebbe's scry invisibility.[1][19]


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