The Seekers of Scales was a dragon cult that operated out of Tarmalune, one of the Windrise Ports.[1] It was the oldest, largest, and wealthiest of the dragon cults of Laerakond.[2]


The cult was composed mostly by dragonborn and humans, although a few individuals of other races were members as well. They were barely tolerated in Tarmalune, only allowed to exist because the citizens believed in freedom of choice.[1] The Seekers met in secret in a high tower on the edge of Tarmalune.[2]

Many people also suspected that most of the rulers of Sambral were part of the Seekers.[3]


Most people in Tarmalune believed the Seekers wanted to attune themselves and commune with dragons,[1] usually a random wyrm nearby, though they could also select an individual dragon if they were aware of its proximity.[2] To be able to achieve this mental state, the Seekers used drugs and herbs usually sold for other purposes.[1][2] Some cultists believed that if they were able to attune with a dragon, they would learn their secrets, or at least the location of their hoards.[2]

However, the true goal of the Seekers was to uncover the secrets that allowed a humanoid to transform into a dragon.[1][2] The Seekers believed that such a transformation was a way to achieve godhood, as they believed dragons were akin to the gods themselves. They called this state of being "the Dreaming".[2]



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