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The Seelie Court (also called the Summer Court[2]) was a pantheon of deities of the fey.[1]


The Seelie Court was split into two groups, the Inner Circle and the Outer Circle. The Inner Circle was a close group of six deities who had many shared attributes. Although typically chaotic, they were loyal to Queen Titania and would do as she requested. Members of the Inner Circle tended to be playful and curious, though also cautious due to the small size of their avatars. Disputes between members of the Inner Circle were uncommon and always quickly resolved.[1]

The Outer Circle was composed of deities who did not pay primary homage to Titania, or had duties that required them to spend time away from the Court.[1]


The members of the Inner Circle were:

The members of the Outer Circle were:


The Seelie Court worked together to rule the fey races of which they were patrons of, and to protect the sylvan realms.[1]

Base of Operations[]

The divine realm of the pantheon was also called the Seelie Court. It moved between the planes of Arborea, Ysgard, and the Beastlands at Titania's whim.[3]


The Seelie Court as a whole was allied with the Seldarine, and on good terms with the gnomish deities, as well as deities of nature, wild places, and hunting, so long as those deities were not evil.[1][4]

The Seelie Court was opposed to the goblinoid pantheon, and they detested the hag goddess Cegilune. However, their most bitter and hated enemy was the Queen of Air and Darkness. Despite this, Titania refused to go to war with the Queen.[1]

They did not like the dwarven gods, but they were not enemies of the Morndinsamman either.[1]


The Seelie Court once held court in the land of Ladinion, by the lake Cwm Glas. However, a group of dwarven miners found a great black diamond and brought it to the court as a gift for Titania, who was not there that day. Instead, Titania's sister accepted the gift, which began to corrupt her. Eventually, that sister took the diamond away in a chariot of fire and smoke; the mountain the dwarves had been mining erupted soon after and the smoke caused sickness in the whole land. The Seelie Court itself was forced to flee.[1]


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