Lord Seiveril Miritar (also Councilor Seiveril Miritar and Lord of Elion[1]) of the Miritar clan was a sun elf high priest of Corellon Larethian and a councilor of Queen Amlaruil Moonflower. He lived at Seamist, the Miritar palace. He was over four hundred years old.[2] Seiveril also owned a townhouse on a hill overlooking the harbour in Leuthilspar.[3]


Seiveril was slim with coppery red hair streaked with silver, and although he had thin lines at the corners of his mouth and around his eyes, he was still fit.[2]


As a boy, Seiveril's father Elkhazel told him many stories of the heroism of Fflar Starbrow Melruth and he became Seiveril's boyhood hero. Elkhazel also told him about Fflar's sword Keryvian, and he retrieved it, mounting it in his home. Seiveril would later resurrect Fflar to fight alongside him.[4] He died in the final battle of the reclaiming of Myth Drannor.[5]


Seiveril had been a member of the Council of Evermeet for eighty years by virtue of his governorship over the town of Elion.[6] On Ches 10 1374 DR, Seiveril stepped down from the council and announced that he would be leaving the island for Myth Drannor, appealing for volunteers to accompany him in the elven struggle against the daemonfey that had invaded earlier that year.[7]. What was initially a crusade later turned into a return.

Seiveril died in 1374 DR killed by Xhalph during the final battle of the Cormanthor War inside Myth Drannor.[8]


Ilsevele Miritar was Seiveril's daughter. Ilyyela Miritar was his wife. His father, Elkhazel Miritar, fought in the failed defence of Myth Drannor in 714 DR.


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