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Sekolah (pronounced: /ˈsɛklɑːSEK-o-la[10]) was the shark god of the sahuagin.[8]

Before you leave, at least one of you will grace my stomach.
— Sekolah to new arrivals in Stygia.[11]


Sekolah's avatar was a huge great white shark.[7][8]


Sekolah cared little for his followers, instead encouraging them to be self-sufficient.[7]


Sekolah's avatar emitted an aura of fear and was able to swallow a man whole. It was immune to fear and other forms of pacification of itself.[7]

Divine Realm[]

Sekolah resided in Stygia in the realm of Sheyruushk in Baator.[7]


Sekolah rarely sent his avatar forth to assist his followers unless victory over their enemies seemed inevitable. He would do so to sate his own bloodlust on gargantuan creatures of the sea however.[7][8] The sahuagin believed Sekolah traveled all oceans, from Stygian's frozen depths to the Stormy Sea around Gloomwrought in the Shadowfell.[12]


Sekolah had an ongoing rivalry with Demogorgon, which carried over to his followers' rivalry with the ray-like race of ixitxachitl.[7]



A priestess of Sekolah.

Sekolah's relation to his priests, like all sahuagin, was uncaring and standoffish. Although he did grant them spells, he was not opposed to his priests having temporary pacts with other evil deities.[7]


One of Sekolah's most influential followers was Iakhovas, also known as "He Who Swims With Sekolah".

Rumors & Legends[]

Legend had it that Sekolah discovered the sahuagin race after he had defeated a great enemy in the sea. Sekolah was singing a victory song that echoed off a great rift in the sea floor. A seashell arose from the rift and Sekolah found it full of sahuagin. In his joy, he adopted the race as his own and scattered them throughout the seas to multiply on their own.[7]


Further Reading[]


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