Selan was the goddess of beauty of Zakhara. She was one of the eight Great Gods of the Land of Fate and stood for the beauty that lay in everything.[1] Selan's symbol was a moon within a ring.[3]

The goddess was described as a flawless maiden cloaked in white. Old tales linked her with the moon, which was said to be her chariot.[1] Like other Zakharan gods she was above such concerns as alignment, as beauty may be craved and valued by good and evil folk alike.[2]

Selan's followers placed much stock in appearances, but also valued inner beauty. They tried to treat everyone with care and to emphasize that which was positive in themselves and others. Many gardeners and artisans were among Selan's worshipers. The bulk of her priesthood consisted of ethoists with a mainly traditional outlook. Her most important center of worship was the Great Mosque of the Moon in Medina al-Afyal.[1]


The Faerûnian deity Selûne was a moon goddess that shared a similar name and outlook with Selan, but had a somewhat different portfolio.[4] Thus the connection between the two remained a mystery.


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