Selger was the Northman king of Trisk in Purple Rocks in 1370 DR but also an agent of the Kraken Society.


The Krakenar had control over Selger and Trisk for many decades. At first Selger was only a thrall of Vestress but thanks to the backing of the High Captain Rethnor, the king gained freedom and influence.


Selger's true promotion arrived in 1368 DR when his troops conquered the vassal isle of Utheraal, which greatly pleased Slarkrethel. Later, he placed Krakenar agents in influential positions on Tuern, Gundarlun, the Icepeak, the Whalebones, and in the Korinn Archipelago. Under orders of the kraken, King Selger continued to report to Vestress, although the two hated each other.