Selth Dorlanneir was a roustabout that hired himself out as a hunting guide, a caravan guard, or an assassin, depending on what work was available at the time. He lived in the town of Everlund, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. He was also a member of the Arcane Brotherhood.[1]


Selth was a relatively young man of slight build, but his hair was pure white.[1]


Dorlanneir could sometimes be found in the Missing Minotaur tavern, a rough and rowdy establishment on the west side of Everlund. He did odd jobs, but his primary gigs were as a caravan guard, or a guide for those unfamiliar with the environs around Everlund. Secretly, he could be hired to commit murder for the right price. He also performed services and gathered information for the Arcane Brotherhood.[1]



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