A selu'kiira was an intelligent gemstone that stored knowledge and could teach this knowledge to a viewer. It could also harm the viewer if it choose not to part with its knowledge. A selu'kiira was a much more complicated form of a tel'kiira.[1]


A selu'kiira was also known as a "High Lore Gem". One would have been made from a rainbow tourmaline, and was typically a larger, more ornate and faceted sparkling crystal than a normal kiira. A selu'kiira changed color over time depending on how many memories it had absorbed. Colors changed from hues of blue to green, to black, to brown, to orange, and finally to a bright red hue after more than 3000 years of age. The main difference between a tel'kiira and a selu'kiira was that a selu'kiira could also store the knowledge of Elven High Magic. Use of one was also not limited to elves, but it took someone of very high mental fortitude to access the knowledge contained within the gem.[2]

The amount of knowledge that the selu'kiira could convey in an instant could be vast—sometimes what would otherwise take decades of study.[3]

Notable selu'kiiraEdit


A few years before 1379 DR, the drow wizard Q'arlynd Melarn recovered a selu'kiira of his ancestors' house from the Kraanfhaor's Door in the Miyeritari Ruins. Due to his pure Miyeritari origins, Q'arlynd was able to wear the seku'kiira without repercussions. The gem was possessed by Q'arlynd Melarn as the last living member of House Melarn.[7]


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