The Semberflow was a river in the Cormanthor forest.[1][note 1]


The stream flowed from Lake Sember to the River Verire.[3]


The waters of the Semberflow ran clear and was home to large numbers of bass and catfish.[1] Around 650 DR, aquatic elven warriors guarded the waters of the creek.[2] Originating in the Storm Peaks, flocks of red sheep grazed along the river's banks.[4]



  1. On page 7 of the Cormanthor booklet of Elminster's Ecologies, the Semberflow is called a stream, yet in the Settled Lands section of Elminster's Ecologies, it is stated as being a river. Also, page 96 of Cormanthyr: Empire of the Elves, names the Semberflow as a river.


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