Semkhrun was founded in −1124 DR[2] by the ruler of Mulhorand.

All that remains today are a few crumbling obelisks on the surface and many subterranean chambers. Circa 1360 DR, the ruins had been rediscovered by adventurers, and it was considered a dangerous (but potentially lucrative) site.[3]


Semkhrun was built on the Semphar Plain, according to the "prophetic dream" of the god-king who ruled Mulhorand at that time. A group of priests released a donkey on the sunbaked frontier, and followed it until it died of starvation. This location, according to the god-king's dream, was where Semkhrun was to be built. And his will made it so.[1]


The most famous resident of Semkhrun was the Oracle of Fahzakhum, and the city became widely known as The Oracle City. Nothing is remembered now regarding the Oracle's nature, but it was famous in its day for its accuracy. The wealthy and the driven came from faraway lands to seek truth. A priesthood quickly developed, calling itself the Masters of the Oracle. They became proud and greedy, and demanded offerings of those who sought to question the Oracle.[1]

The city was destroyed by a later ruler of Mulhorand when the Masters of the Oracle attempted to get a puppet named to be the next god-king. The palaces of the city were razed, the priests and their would-be puppet were executed, and the name of the city was removed from all known records. The Oracle itself disappeared, and the city was forgotten.[3]


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