Sendai was a drow female Bhaalspawn.[1]


Sendai fought with an enchanted drow flail and shield. Wong Fei's ioun stone, a unique piece of magical equipment, orbited around her head. She donned Bladesinger Chain and used a Wand of Cursing. In her inventory, she also had a potion of superior healing and an incredibly highly enchanted set of armor, the Studded Leather Armor of Thorns.


As Sendai was a Bhaalspawn, she moved to the surface world, and set up an enclave. Here, she was protected by many creatures, such as giant spiders, as well as those from the Underdark, such as umber hulks and myconids. Sendai was also guarded by trained drow fighters, as well as derro slaves.[1]

In the late 1360s DR, she was confronted by Bennon, a servant of Balthazar, a Bhaalspawn monk. He informed her that his master was accumulating an army which was amassing a huge amount of power. She saw this as a threat, and Bennon told her that her fate, and the of her kind, was now sealed.[1]

When another Bhaalspawn, Gorion's Ward, entered her underground complex, a guard captain reported this to her. She saw this as a "petty annoyance", and released her "pets" into the south to deal with this threat. Her guard captain, Thelynn'ss and powerful cleric, Diaytha were both slain trying to stop the ward from reaching her.[1]

Her final defences were the forces of fighter-mage captain, Egeissag, and the illithid, Mithykyl. During the final fight with the ward, she transformed herself into seven statues, each with a different combat style. Several hordes of drow assisted her in her battle, fighting by her side. By the end of the battle, her statues destroyed, her Bhaalspawn essence was sucked out of her. As she fell, she cried out to the Gorion's Ward that their father, Bhaal, would return.[1]




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