Serpé was a daring human skald.[1]


Tan-skinned and with shoulder-length dark hair, Serpé dressed in a low-cut white blouse and dark pants, fastened with a metallic belt. She carried several items of jewelry, including earrings and numerous necklaces. She wore an eyepatch over her left eye.[1]


She sought out dangerous adventures specifically, since those made for the best stories afterwards.[1]


Serpé owned a belt of swimming, which allowed her to swim as fast as a triton underwater, and as fast as a merman above the surface. The belt was also enchanted to have the properties of a ring of warmth, giving Serpé the ability to swim without concern even in freezing waters. Upon exiting the water, her belt of swimming instantly dried both her hair and her clothes.[2]

She also owned a pair of gauntlets of dexterity, and an enchanted cutlass.[1]


Serpé was constantly on the move, looking for new adventures. She was willing to join any adventuring party, so long as their business was both heroic and particularly daring.[1]



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