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Serpentflesh golems were rare constructs created from the body parts of different Scaled Ones.[1]


Serpentflesh golems were vaguely humanoid things made of pieced-together body parts. The arms usually ended in clawed hands, and the torso ended in either a tail or legs.[1]


Serpentflesh golems were mindless entities that obeyed their master.[1]


Serpentflesh golems were largely impervious to magic. They were also known to be venomous. However, intense heat and cold slowed serpentflesh golems down.[1]


These constructs were more dexterous than most other golems, and they used their speed to their advantage when fighting. They could attack with their arms, tail, or simply by slamming their entire body against an opponent.[1]


As constructs, serpentflesh golems did not sleep, eat, or even breathe, nor did they have any real impact on natural ecologies.[1]

Serpentflesh golems were created by spellcasters with grudges against the Scaled Ones and who took a cruel pleasure in forcing serpents to serve them even if only after death. The Scaled Ones, in turn, considered these golems perversions and would kill anyone who created them.[1]


The parts for a serpentflesh golem had to come from normal scaly corpses that had not yet decayed significantly. At least one body was needed per limb, plus two more for the torso and brain. About 500 gp worth of special unguents and bindings were necessary, and the whole thing generally cost at least 10,500 gp; with each extra arm beyond the minimal two increasing the cost by 5,000 gp. The thing also had to be stitched together, and the spells animate dead, bull's strength, geas/quest, and limited wish were used in the creation.[1]