Seskergates was a mansion located in Baldur's Gate that served as the family home of the Sesker mercantile clan, and later as the residence of the Baldurian court-mage, Imbralym Skoond.[1]


Due to the nature of work conducted by the building's first resident, Seskergates had a great number of concealed passageways, secret halls, and hidden exits.[1]


The home's first resident was a smuggler within the Sesker family. It continued to serve as their home until the death of the last remaining Sesker, some time in the 15th century DR. In fact, that individual was killed by a nothic that dwelled in the building's subterranean passages, which were shared by the neighboring Mandorcai's Mansion.[1]

Seskergates was swiftly purchased thereafter by Skoond, who retrofitted it to serve as his arcane workshop. He eventually hired a number of alchemist assistants and henchmen to map out his maze-like home.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

According to one historical text, the architect of Seskergates died while in the possession of some rare, esoteric book.[1]



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