Sessrenglade was a town or village in Sessrendale and the primary settlement of that realm. It stood near the Thunder Gap road.[1][note 1]

It was a small but prosperous community in the early 13th century DR. It was home to five great wizards.[1][note 2]

In the three-week-long bloodbath of the Sessrendale War, the forces of Archendale made Sessrenglade their first target, aiming to immediately break Sessren resistance. However, the five great mages came to the settlement's defense and held it up for two weeks before the Arkhen forces and their own hired Sembian wizards overcame them.[1]

As a result of the awesome magical power unleashed in the siege and the subsequent demolition by Arkhen forces, the site was left a blasted meadow pocked with char-filled pits and with patches of both wild magic and dead magic, making the area hazardous and unstable. It was proposed that the ruined mage towers might yet hold long-lost magical treasures not used or broken in the war.[1]



  1. The Dalelands, page 47, describes Sessrenglade as both a town and a village.
  2. As the apparent capital of the realm, it seems likely that the Dusk Lord, the ruler of Sessrendale and a mage, was one of these five. In The Dalelands, page 47, Elminster also says three archmages died in the war; these may be among the five in Sessrenglade and the Dusk Lord might be one.


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