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The Seven Satraps were the men who led the rebels of the Schamedar Plains to the depose Shond Tharovin and the Cult of the Living Gem from Schamedar during the Living Gem War.[1][2][3]


The group was formed in the month of Eleasias in the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR from among the towns and villages primarily along the River of Ice in eastern Calimshan. They publicly promised to be ready to sacrifice their lives if necessary to defeat Shond Tharovin, who had taken control of the city of Schamedar the month prior.[1]

Seemingly in response, strange dark creatures appeared from the skies over the next few months and began to murder and pillage.[1][2]

By the month of Uktar, the Seven Satraps had managed to raise an armed force, and they laid siege to the city.[1] The Living Gem hovered above the walls and sent down fire and lightning on the attackers,[1][2] but the Satraps army maintained the siege for nearly a year, until at last the Cult of Gem went into hiding, taking the Living Gem with them.[2]

Afterward, the syl-pasha of Calimport declared that the Seven Satraps would be the new rulers of Schamedar.[2]

There rule began in 1368 DR,[3] but it seems to have been short-lived, as by 1370 DR, the people of Schamedar had chosen an elf to be their new Syl-Vizar.[4][note 1]


As the name implies, there were seven men who called themselves the Seven Satraps. Three of them were Batras el Beza, Daud el Akiil, and Saibh el Moadyph. After the defeat of the Cult of the Living Gem, these three controlled most of the leaders of Schamedar, and guided them to do the will of El Kahmir crime family. The other four Satraps were never able to unify against the three in any meaningful way.[3]



  1. The Empires of the Shining Sea seems to present a conflict in lore regarding who ruled the city of Schamedar in 1370 DR. After the Living Gem War ends in 1368 DR, the syl-pasha is said to have established the victorious Seven Satraps as the rulers, and p. 39 gives three of their names and claims that they serve El Kahmir. The text claims that they "now rule in Schamedar" in 1370 DR and uses the present tense to describe their actions.
    However, the section actually detailing Schamedar on pp. 116–117 claims that the Syl-Vizar in 1370 DR is an elf named Vatarn Wahrim and that he was chosen by the people a few tendays after the Council of Vizars disappeared. He selects a new Council, and the name of one additional Council member is given. (The original council disappeared as a result of Shond Tharovin in 1367 DR.)
    One way that this conflict can be reconciled is if the lore presented on pp. 116–117 is more recent than that presented on p. 39. If this is the case, it must be assumed that the disappeared Council in the Schamedar description on p. 116 refers not to those killed or exiled by Shond but rather to the Seven Satraps. Designer George Krashos has noted his support of this interpretation (George Krashos (2020-03-15). Questions for Steven Schend. Candlekeep Forum. Retrieved on 2020-03-16.).