The Seven Sisters were seven immortal women, all Chosen of Mystra and daughters of the goddess Mystra. They were all spellcasters born to the ranger Dornal Silverhand and his wife Elué Silverhand, whom Mystra possessed to give birth to the children.[1]

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After Elué died in the Year of the Awakening Wyrm, 767 DR, Dornal abandoned his daughters and they were cared for by various foster parents.[1]

During the Second Sundering in the 1480s DR, five of the Seven Sisters vanished and were presumed deceased. Storm and Dove remained, but much diminished in magical power and living under assumed names. In the Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant, 1487 DR, Laeral and Alustriel came out of hiding to assist Elminster in securing Mystra's Weave and stopped Shar's quest to seize dominance over magic from Mystra.[8][page needed]

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