The Sevenecho family were a prominent family in the hamlet of Sevenecho in the Vast in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The hamlet of Sevenecho was named for the Sevenecho family.[1]

The family also founded the famous local inn, The Wandering Wyvern, in the Year of the Wanderer, 1338 DR. This later became the The Worried Wyvern, and was widely considered to be one of the best inns in the Vast and all Faerûn. The Sevenechoes still owned and operated it by 1370 DR.[1][2][3]


By 1367 DR, the patriarch of the Sevenechoes and innkeeper was Beliot Sevenecho.[1] As one of the more prominent families, the Sevenechoes contributed a member to the council of elders that governed Sevenecho, around 1369 DR.[3]

Apart from the inn, the brewing of beer was the family obsession. Just about every member of the Sevenecho clan had their own brew and argued that theirs was the best. They supplied the inn with their drinks in order to test their quality on guests. However, patrons were advised to be careful when praising or complaining about their beverages, lest the Sevenechoes argue the point, many of whom were large-sized and quick-tempered.[2]

They were also big eaters and bigger drinkers, likely to win an eating competition or drinking contest. Some Sevenechoes were reputed for downing at one meal a keg of beer as large as a strong man could carry.[2]

The Sevenechoes were also prolific. Beliot had eleven sons to two wives, and over a dozen cousins.[2]



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