Sewerms were a species of water snake.[1]


Sewerms were large snakes with long fangs. Their scales were ideal for blending in to the murky waters of marshes, swamps and sewers. They naturally produced an anaesthetic oil that coated their scales.[1]


Sewerms attacked only warm-blooded creatures. They attacked any appendage of its prey that was underwater, wrapping around it and using their long fangs as an anchor. Their fangs injected an anaesthetic into the bloodstream of its prey. This anaesthetic secretion was so strong that more often than not, a sewerms prey was unaware it was bit.[1]


Sewerms lived in marches and swamps along the Sword Coast. They were notorious in Waterdeep, where they were found in great numbers in the sewers. The Cellarers' & Plumbers' Guild considered them a nuisance and working hazard.[1]


A sewerms diet was exclusively the blood of warm-blooded creatures.[1] Sewerms shed their skin only once per year.[2]


The anaesthetic secretion was highly sought after by the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians for use in treating pain. The extracted secretion could be stored for up to six months. Their skins sold for 2 sp in the markets of Waterdeep.[1][2]



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