Sfena was a powerful tiefling and the founder and leader of the Iron Throne but also the daughter of Glasya.


Sfena was a unique baatezu born from Glasya and a unknown father, and so the granddaughter of Asmodeus;[2] Sfena was trained as assassin in Baator, working for her mother who kept a tight rein on her movements and prevented her from advancing in the baatezu hierarchy. However, in 1347 DR, during a mission on Faerûn, a strange incident occurred when she was captured by storm giants: her body transformed into a hard crystalline substance, which had the effect of removing her connection to Baator, allowing her to stay in the Material Plane. Sfena decided to create the Iron Throne as method to cure herself: her plan was to construct a powerful organization and trade it to a powerful devil in exchange for a cure.

The first part of Sfena's plan worked very well and soon, thanks to her plots the Iron Throne gained a position of prominence. However, her traitorous Iron Throne lieutenant Maready informed Sfena's parent of her location and in 1371 Sfena was forcibly brought back to Baator.[1][3]


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