The Sha'sal Khou was a secret organization of renegade githyanki and githzerai whose objective was the reunification of the gith race.[1][2]


Although the Sha'sal Khou did not have a centralized leadership, its highest-ranking member was the githyanki warlord Zetch'r'r.[2] Despite being sympathetic to the organization's cause, Zetch'r'r's real intention was to forge a nation of unified gith under his leadership that could continue Gith's legacy of conquest with renewed resolve, something that he believed the githyanki of Tu'narath had lost.[1]

This belligerent stance worried other members of the Sha'sal Khou,[1] but Zetch'r'r remained a strong advocate of their cause and a powerful force to attract new members.[2]


The Sha'sal Khou had among its goals the cessation of the hostilities between the githyanki and the githzerai. By amassing new members, they hoped to establish an army that could secure a fortified enclave where they could call each other simply "gith". In the long term, the organization aimed for the creation of a nation inhabited by unified gith.[1][2]


Members of the Sha'sal Khou operated undercover within both gith societies, attempting to defuse the tension between them and discouraging attacks against one another. At the same time, they were always looking to recruit gith who might share their point of view.[1][2]

Base of OperationsEdit

While the organization had secret strongholds in many locations of the Prime Material plane,[1][2] one of their main bases was Zetch'r'r's own stronghold located in the city of Tu'narath in the Astral Plane. It served as a shelter for its members and headquarters from which to plan their operations.[1]




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