Shaarans were a nomadic human ethnic group that lived in Southern Faerûn, primarily in the Shaar region, although some lived in Halruaa, Dambrath, Unther or Mulhorand. They had a simple view on life, focused on survival and following the herds roaming the plains of The Shaar.[1]


Shaarans often had a reddish tint to their skin, but other shades were also possible.[2]


Shaaran society was built around extended family units known as clans. Several clans formed a tribe which was governed by a chieftain and a council of wise elders. The chieftain would guide movement of the clan across the plains. This nomadic lifestyle was largely dependent on their highly-prized horses, that ironically, tended not to thrive outside their homeland.[1]

Because these planes acted as a crossroad in southern Faerûn, the Shaarans learned to get along reasonably well with other cultures. Despite this, they have a particular distaste of gnolls and the Yuan-ti around Lake Lhespen or the Lake of Salt.[1] Despite this, different tribes would easily fall into conflict. They would have no remorse about stealing, looting or pillaging from one another. Raids involving large parties would often lead to war between tribes that could only be ceased by peace talks or annihilation.[3]

Most Shaarans would live their lives as rangers or barbarians. Magic is not commonly practiced among the Shaaran tribes, though each would have a handful of arcane and divine spellcasters.[3]


Shaarans roamed the grasslands of southern Faerûn for as long as anyone can remember. The Shoon Empire attempted to subjugate the Shaaran but the tribes rebelled in the fifth century DR and have remained independent ever since.[1]


Most Shaarans worshiped gods of nature or the hunt. Many followed Tempus or Malar although a few worshiped Akadi.[3]


Shaarans spoke their own language, which had no known connection to any other language in Faerûn. They continued their culture through a oral history from one generation to the next. Few Shaarans could read or write, but those who did used the Dethek alphabet learned from the Dwarves of the Great Rift.[3]

Known TribesEdit

Some of the known tribes of the Shaar:[4]




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