Shadow Gap was the high pass in the Desertsmouth Mountains separating the Dalelands and Cormyr's south.[1]

Whenever Alias saw Shadow Gap she thought of some weary titan dragging his axe behind him as he stepped over the hills. At least that was how she imagined the creation of the steep-sided, steep-sloped gorge that split the mountains in two. No more than an hour of noon sunlight ever reached the floor of the pass. At all other times, it remained in the shadow of the mountains, hence its name.[3]


Shadow Gap was where the North Ride passed through the Desertsmouth Mountains south of Shadowdale. Shadow Gap marked the spot where the Desertsmouth Mountains end and the Thunder Peaks began.[2] Shadow Gap was also the western end of the Dalelands.[4]


Shadow Gap was a corruption of its original name - Shaddath Gap. The mountain pass was a lonely winding trail that climbed up the side of Shadow Gap from where travelers could observe both Dalelands and Cormyr.[4]

The walls of the gap were huge steel-gray granite slabs that appeared ghostly in the midday sun. The deeper one stepped into the Gap the more day sun became blocked making the travelers move in the dark long before nightfall. Being hidden from the sun and higher in the mountains, it was always chilly inside the gap.[5]

The gap was mostly barren with occasional outcrops of bushes. In the spring, water flowed the same winding trail the travelers moved on, making moving the wagons a slow and laborious process.[3]


Robberwings, wild dogs, and giant rats were among the creatures commonly found in the Gap.[5][3]


In 1282 DR, Sammaster, then a lich, had a lair in Desertsmouth Mountains, above Shadow Gap, from where he was rebuilding control over the Dragon Cult.[6]

North Gate Inn, the lively and popular lone inn on the top of the pass was burnt down in 1357 DR by a horrific kalmari on behalf of the Iron Throne who tried to close the Gap off to restrict trade routes. Just a few months after this even Alias of Westgate with her friends was ambushed but the creature and eventually defeated it.[7]

A few decades before the Time of Troubles, Cole Wyvernspur, his wife Bette Shar, Mother Lleddew, and their adventuring group traveled through the Gap to confront evil wizard Flattery Wyvernspur.[8]

During the Time of Troubles in 1358 DR the mountains around the Shadow Gap came alive, moving to crush weary travelers as the area filled up with amber-colored poisonous mists that burned their lungs. Heroes traveling through the gap, Midnight, Kelemvor, Cyric, and Adon encountered the phenomena on their quest for the Tablets of Fate.[5]

By 1367 DR Shadow Gap was still unoccupied, not counting bandits. Still razed North Gate Inn was located at the saddle of the pass.[4]

In 1379 DR Malik el Sami crossed Shadow Gap while traveling from Arabel to Shadowdale while being pursued by a Harper agent Ruha.[9]


Around the Time of Troubles, a berzerk beholder plagued Shadow Gap. According to multiple eye-witnesses, it destroyed a trade caravan and turned a pack of dogs to stone.[10]

In 1358 DR the Zhentarim rumored to have intended to gather and breed hill giants to unleash in Shadow Gap and Tilverton area to conquer Anauroch.[11]






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