Shadow canopy was an evocation spell of darkness used by the Shadovar to protect excavation sites.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

The spell created a flat dome of shadowstuff 25 feet (eight meters) above the ground and with a radius of at least 325 feet (99 meters), depending on the power of the caster.[1] From a distance, a shadow canopy appears like a purple-black dome, but upon closer observation, it becomes clear that the walls of the dome are not solid. They have a glossy appearance, almost like a semisolid oil.[3]

It was impossible to see through the dome with natural vision, and even a creature using the magic of blacklight could not see through it.[1] Within the dome, everything was covered in shadow[1] as if in perpetual night without stars.[4] This allowed creatures such as shades or vampires to exist quite happily, even if it was broad daylight outside of the dome.[1]

It took at least six seconds to cast this spell, and the effect lasted at least eleven hours.[1]

The dome could be centered above the ground anywhere within a couple hundred feet (60 meters) of the caster but could not be cast higher than the ground to create a sphere, nor could the center of its effect be placed upon a moving object.[1]

A shadow canopy spell could dispel any light spell of lesser or equal power. Light spells of equal power could not dispel a shadow canopy effect; only a more powerful light spell could.[1]

Components[edit | edit source]

The spell required verbal and somatic components and the dried eyeball of any diurnal creature and a handful of coal dust, both of which were consumed in the casting.[1]

Notable Users[edit | edit source]

Every Shadovar expedition included an arcanist powerful enough to cast this spell.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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