Shadow conjuration, also known as shadow monsters,[3][8] was an illusion spell that created semi-real duplicates of lesser conjuration spells.[2]


The spell drew energy from the Plane of Shadow in order to create a semi-real duplicate of any conjuration spell of lesser power from the subschools of summoning or creation.[2]

If the victim recognized the illusion, the shadow energy was a lot less effective than the duplicated spell. It was always less effective on objects as objects couldn't believe in the first place.[2]

The spell also had a greater version that allowed the duplication of stronger spells and was more powerful, even when seen through as an illusion.[9] An even stronger version of the spell was the shades spell.[2]


Shadow conjuration used verbal and somatic components only.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Shadow in −588 DR and was originally called Shadow's monster.[1]


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