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Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land is an adventure module for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the 3.5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Shadowdale lies conquered! Who can free this oppressed land?

Zhentish soldiers, Maerimydran drow, and Sharran cultists have forged a dark alliance to subjugate the peaceful land of Shadowdale. Elminster's tower lies in ruins, Lord Amcathra governs at the sufferance of the dale's conquerors, and the very Weave of magic in this embattled land seems to fray with each passing day. The Zhentish yoke lies heavy over Shadowdale—but the Dalesfolk are ready to fight for their freedom, if only they can find true heroes to lead the way!

This FORGOTTEN REALMS® campaign adventure is designed for characters of levels 9–13. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the second adventure in a three-part series. Each encounter contains tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play.


  • Chapter 1: Dale under Shadow
  • Chapter 2: Castle Krag
  • Chapter 3: Dread Lair of Alokkair
  • Chapter 4: Azmaer's Folly
  • Chapter 5: Uprising


It focuses on Shadowdale, its invasion by Scyllua Darkhope, and the church of Shar. Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land was originally to be titled Shadowdale: The Weave Unwinding. This module is the second of a three-part series, with Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave (the first) and Anauroch: The Empire of Shade (the third), with shared plot elements and the theme of a Sharran attack upon Mystra and her Weave of magic, but it can be played independently. One of the last official adventures released for 3.5th-edition, it formed part of the lead up to the Spellplague and 4th-edition.


The combined forces of the Zhentarim, the drow of House Dhuurniv, and Esvele Greycastle of the Church of Shar overwhelm Shadowdale, after a preliminary raid destroys Elminster Aumar's tower and leaves him missing. It's up to the adventurers to save the legendary dale from the oppression of these dark forces, as a dead-magic zone emanates and grows from somewhere within the area.

  • Chapter 1: Dale under Shadow — The adventurers arrive in Shadowdale.
  • Chapter 2: Castle Krag — The castle has been transformed into "a bastion of Bane", complete with a portal to Zhentil Keep supplying reinforcements.
  • Chapter 3: Dread Lair of Alokkair — Esvele Greycastle and the lich Alokkair are performing rites to expand the tear in the Weave and render it useless within the dale.
  • Chapter 4: Azmaer's Folly — The Matron sisters of House Dhuurniv have reclaimed the Twisted Tower (a.k.a. "Azmaer's Folly" after the last drow marshal who held it).
  • Chapter 5: Uprising — Facing off with remaining Zhentish forces and the High Captain Scyllua Darkhope.



AlokkairAunrae DhuurnivAzalar FalconhandAzmaer DhuurnivBorgan SelgardBriadornChallass AmcathraDelgithnarDeltraDuagloth SeerearEimarEregul the FreestaveEressea AmbergylesEsvele GreycastleFeldelFrostbiteForthar HelvenstronGlamerie WindboughGormauthatorGreyanna DhuurnivIrphiinaIstivin NaerindythJezz the LameJhaele SilvermaneJyordhanThe KeeperKurn BlackrageLashan AumersairLirdnolu DhuurnivLongjawsMalathonMiri AmcathraMourngrym AmcathraMourntarnNazrymNarhaunOrielenQiltoxRarnok JadronsonRathagolRavenReptarScyllua DarkhopeSelvanShadowfangShaerl AmcathraThe SusurrusSyluné SilverhandSyluné's WardenTargaraeneTemisTierak MorcaneTolarUrdutharWeregundXullrae DhuurnivYder TanthulZvopua
Referenced only:Aencar BurliskAmara IldacarAolis IldacarAumry ObarskyrDove FalconhandElminster AumarFlorin FalconhandFzoul ChembrylHlonaghIrae T'sarranJoadathJosidiah StarymKhelben ArunsunKurgoth HellspawnLaele DhuurnivOrym HawksongStorm SilverhandTelamont Tanthul


amnizubalhannothbanelarbasiliskBanestalkerbeast of Banebehirbeholdercrossroads guardiandireguarddire batdread warriordrowerinyesettinfang dragonfeytouchedfire spiderflameskullfoulwinggargoylegiant spidergnollhalf-dragonhalf-orchelmed horrorhell houndhorsehumaninvisible stalkerkuo-toalichlizardlodestone maraudermaugmezzolothmummymyrlocharnightmarenishruunycalothogrequaggothratred dragonshadeshadowslainshadow mastiffshadow simulacrumshadow spiderskeletonsnakespellwarpedspidersword spiderwendigowightwinter wolfwolf
Referenced only:feyphaerimmspectral harpist


Buildings & Sites
Castle KragDread Lair of AlokkairDruid's GroveFox RidgeGrinding GulfHarpers' HillHouse of NightNorth RideSkull LakeSkull SubterranesTwisted Tower of AshabaWatcher's Knoll
Oakwood KnollShadowdale
Dagger HillsRiver AshabaRiver of SkullsShadowdarkUnderdark
Material Plane
Referenced only:CormyrCormanthorHlontarMaerimydraMoonseaMyth DrannorPlane of ShadowRystall woodSembiaThultantharZhentil Keep


Rite of Unwinding
Magic items
Ary'Velahr'KerymAumry's cloakAumry's staff of the nighthorseshoes of a zephyrIntercessorMidnight's Moonscourge of fangsshadow shardWindsong Towerkin ring
Referenced only:Staff of the magi


Clan AuzkovynHouse DhuurnivHouse JaelreMoonshadow Pack
Army of DarkhopeBloodthornsChondathanChurch of BaneCircle of ShadowdaleNaug-adarShadovarSkull and ClubTeethVaasanZhentarimZhentarim skymagesZhentilar
Referenced only:Knights of Myth Drannor


House of Night
Referenced only:EilistraeeMyrkul


aquamarineblue whinnisdrow poisonFont of SpidersHammerjasperSpider's Trucespidersilk armorStarym SapphiresSyluné's Kiss
Referenced only:Rage of DragonsSilence of LolthWeeping War



  • Designers: Richard Baker, Eric L. Boyd, Thomas M. Reid
  • Editors: John Thompson, M. Alexander Jurkat
  • Editing Manager: Kim Mohan
  • Design Manager: Christopher Perkins
  • Development Manager: Jesse Decker
  • Senior Art Director D&D: Stacy Longstreet
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Production Managers: Joshua C.J. Fischer, Randall Crews
  • Forgotten Realms Art Director: Karin Powell, Kate Irwin
  • Cover Artist: William O'Connor
  • Interior Artists: Miguel Coimbra, Steve Ellis, Randy Gallegos, Eva Widermann, Kieran Yanner
  • Graphic Designers: Nick Isaac, Karin Powell
  • Cartographer: Kyle Hunter
  • Graphic Production Specialist: Angelika Lokotz
  • Image Technician: Sven Bolen


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