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The Gods walk the Realms

Cast out from their heavenly domain, the gods of the Forgotten Realms wander the land as mortals—extremely powerful mortals, to be certain, but mortals nonetheless. They seek the lost Tablets of Fate, the key to their return. But as the good and evil gods of the Realms bring their fight down to earth, the people and lands are caught in between. Nature itself revolts: Strange creatures stalk the countryside, and even magic becomes unpredictable.

When a band of adventurers are hired by a young apprentice to rescue her sorceress-mentor, little do they realize the size of the stakes they will soon be playing for. Caught up in a power struggle that will determine the fate of the Realms themselves, the first step is to find the only mortal who may know what's going on—the legendary sage Elminster. And that means going to Shadowdale.

Shadowdale is the first of a three-part series of modules for the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® 2nd Edition roleplaying game. Set in the popular FORGOTTEN REALMS™ game world, this module features the same settings and many of the same characters of the first novel of the Avatar Trilogy, Shadowdale, by Richard Awlinson. This AD&D® 2nd Edition adventure is for four to six characters of levels 5-8.

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