Shadowdancers were those who used innate ability rather than arcane magic to harness the power of shadow magic.[1] Always existing in the place where light and darkness met, shadowdancers were enigmatic and dangerous. Despite the connotations between darkness and evil, many shadowdancers used their abilities for good. Shadowdancers drew upon the power of the shadows to become a bit like a "super rogue" in that their ability to hide was very potent. As a shadowdancer became more experienced, they could command the shadows to do their bidding.

Abilities Edit

Hide in Plain Sight
A shadowdancer could hide from sight, even if he was being closely watched, as long as they were within 10 feet of shadows.
Shadow Illusion
A shadowdancer could create silent, illusionary images from shadows.
Summon Shadow
A shadowdancer could call upon a shadow, which becomes much like a druid's companion. The shadow shared the shadowdancer's alignment. As the shadowdancer became more powerful, their shadow companion likewise became a more potent force.
Shadow Jump
A shadowdancer could travel through the shadows, briefly touching another plane of existence. As the shadowdancer became more experienced, the distance they could travel grew longer.

Enchant Light Weapon, Shadow

The most powerful Shadowdancers could infuse their weapons with the rawest essence of shadow, granting the weapon the ability to become insubstantial at the wielders will.


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