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Shadowdusk was a noble family from Waterdeep that fell into disgrace in the mid–14th century DR, went into hiding, and was plotting to reclaim its former glory in the late 15th century DR.[1]


The family built its wealth through trade.[2] Three sisters of the family, Arandraya, Maelweene, and Yarlithra, sponsored and later even led expeditions into Undermountain, and grew famous.[1]

The family started contacting powerful beings from the Far Realm, attempting to use them against business rivals and political enemies. However, contact with the Far Realm ultimately drove much of the family to madness, and their strange behavior soured their reputation in the city. Rumors even appeared in local broadsheets claiming the Shadowdusks had been supplanted by aberrant monsters disguised as humans.[1]

Ultimately, in the Year of the Harp, 1355 DR, Shadowdusk Hold was razed with all three sisters killed in the fire. It was commonly believed the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors was behind it.[1]

Since the destruction of their ancestral home, many of the family members relocated to Undermountain.[1]

Halaster Blackcloak monitored the Shadowdusks and groomed them for a violent and victorious resurgence in Waterdeep, in order that he might rule the city through them.[1]

Notable Members[]

  • Dezmyr Shadowdusk (daughter of Yarlithra)
  • Zalthar Shadowdusk (son of Yarlithra)
  • Xerrion Shadowdusk (brother of Arandraya, Maelweene, and Yarlithra)
  • Margaraste Shadowdusk (archmage and wife of Xerrion)

Motto & Heraldry[]

The original Shadowdusk family motto was "No secrets without truth". However, following their descent, it became "We do not fear the darkness".[1]

Their crest is a lit torch with three embers rising from the flame, over a purple field. After going mad and moving to Undermountain, it was simply turned upside down.[1]




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