Shadowheart was a half-elf cleric of Shar.[1]

A woman with shadows for eyes—deep as the Darklake.[1]
  — Gale


Shadowheart had fairly short dark-brown hair on the sides, but long hair tied up at the back with multiple rings. She wore a circlet over her fringe, and a brown jerkin that was fastened by a red sash and a belt.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, Shadowheart was sent on a suicidal mission to obtain an extremely powerful item. The dark cleric began to wrestle with a source of uncontrollable magic, as well as her faith to the Mistress of the Night.[1]

Some time later, the half-elf was captured by mind flayers aboard a nautiloid, and an illitid tadpole was inserted into her via her eye. After the nautiloid was taken down by githyanki and their red dragon mounts, Shadowheart found herself in the Western Heartlands, awakened with new powers.[1]



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