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Shadowheart, previously known as Jenevelle Hallowleaf, was a half-elf cleric of Shar who became involved with the machinations of the Absolute during the late 15th century DR.[1]

She took me when no one else would. Without her, I wouldn't be alive. She is my Mother. She nurtures me, cares for me, loves me.
— Shadowheart, regarding her goddess Shar.[1]


A woman with shadows for eyes—deep as the Darklake.[1]
— Gale
Jenevelle Hallowleaf as a child

Jenevelle Hallowleaf's fateful meeting with Viconia DeVir.

Shadowheart had dark-brown hair left to hang down on the sides and tied up in a ponytail at the back with multiple rings. She wore a circlet over her fringe, leather gloves, and a chain shirt that was emblazoned with symbols of her faith.[1]

A mystic wound that looked like a black dot appeared on the back of Shadowheart's right hand. It inflicted agonizing pain upon her from time to time, especially when she interacted with items associated with Selûne or Shar.[1]


Shadowheart was a devout Sharran with a strong sense of duty, seeking to carry out Shar's will with almost single-minded fervor. Fitting for someone of her faith, Shadowheart held the goddess Selûne and her followers in extremely low regard.

Shadowheart had a wry sense of humor and freely voiced her opinions of others, however negative. Regarding personal matters, she was known to be secretive and private, not abiding her boundaries being disrespected. Still, she was willing to confide in those she respected when given the space to do so on her own terms.[1]

Due in part to a traumatic childhood memory, Shadowheart had a debilitating fear of wolves.[1]

Her favorite flower was the night orchid.[1]


Shadowheart carried a mace and a shield, along with two potions of healing, and several scrolls: two of revivify and one of detect thoughts.[1]


Like many other Sharran devotees, Shadowheart was trained from childhood in various methods of subterfuge, such as stealth, manipulation, donning disguises, and torture. As a cleric of the trickery domain, she was capable of divine spellcasting.

She apparently could not swim.[1]


It's called faith. Duty. It doesn't have to add up to me so long as I serve. I'm part of a bigger plan – one that will be revealed in time.
— Shadowheart.[1]
Shar, Arnell Hallowleaf and Emmeline Hallowleaf

A manifestation of Shar and Shadowheart's parents, after years of imprisonment.

As a girl, Jenevelle Hallowleaf lived with her parents, Arnell Hallowleaf, an elf werewolf, and Emmeline, a human, both devoted followers of Selûne. As a child of Selûnites, Jenevelle underwent a rite of passage involving finding her way home alone from the woods. However, a Sharran group led by Mother Superior Viconia DeVir interrupted Jenevelle's trial. Shadowheart's father learned of the Sharrans' plan from a spy caught near their village, transformed into his wolf form, and tried to rescue his daughter. He found Jenevelle at the same time as the Sharrans, yet was defeated by them. Jenevelle was captured and raised by Viconia in Baldur's Gate as a cleric of Shar herself, named Shadowheart. Her parents were also captured as hostages in the same Sharran church. The Sharrans twisted Shadowheart's memories of the event, enhancing her fear of wolves and erasing the truth of her father's attempted rescue.[1]

During her time as a young Sharran initiate, she still had doubts over the faith and teaching of her mentors, according to Mother Superior Viconia. She was instructed by Sharrans to torture her captive parents from time to time, and surrendered her memory to Shar to make sure she wouldn't recall anything. A mark was inflicted on her hand that linked her parent's torment to her. Whenever Shadowheart deviated from her faith, she would suffer agonizing pain. She grew close to a purple-haired tiefling girl known as Nocturne, who was also a Sharran initiate. The two young girls would spend time together in a hidden cave within the church to escape their stressful training.[1]

Circa the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, Shadowheart was among a group of Sharrans sent on a suicide mission to obtain an extremely powerful and mysterious artifact and tasked with returning it to Baldur's Gate. Prior to leaving, she willingly agreed to have her memories erased from her mind. She was promised they would be restored to her upon successful completion of her mission.[1]

Some time later, the half-elf was captured by mind flayers and taken aboard a nautiloid, where an illithid tadpole was inserted into her via her eye. After the nautiloid was taken down by githyanki and their red dragon mounts, Shadowheart found herself in the Western Heartlands, awakened with new powers. She immediately tried to find a healer. However, the dark cleric began to wrestle with a source of uncontrollable magic, as well as her faith to the Mistress of the Night.[1]



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