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Shadurakuls were canomorphs whose original form was that of a shadow mastiff.[1]


Shadurakuls looked like "ordinary" shadow mastiffs in their hound form, and typically looked like barrel-chested, hairless humans with inky blue-black skin and cold white eyes in their humanoid form.[1]


Shadurakuls were arrogant and ruthless, disdainful of anything weak and defenseless. They rarely bothered trying to conceal their nature.[1]


Shadurakuls, like all canomorphs, possessed the ability to shift between their hound form and a humanoid form at will. Additionally, they could use greater command at will against any shadow mastiffs, and shadow mastiffs would not willingly attack them in any case.[1]

Like shadow mastiffs, shadurakuls could disappear into the shadows in any conditions short of full daylight. When a shadurakul howled, all creatures except other fiends within 300 feet (91 meters) of it could potentially become panicked.[1]


Shadurakuls could fight in either form. In humanoid form, they used spiked chains; in hound form, they used their own powerful jaws.[1]


As the strongest yet least numerous of the canomorphs, shadurakuls often fought with the haraknins, with whom they had an intense rivalry. This rivalry also extended to the vultivors. All the canomorphs had been created by archfiends as more intelligent trackers and guard dogs, but the overlap of their potential jobs lead to competition between the three groups.[1]

Like the other canomorphs, shadurakuls were native to the lower planes. They were known to speak the Common, Abyssal, and Infernal languages.[1]