Shajji Hoijarek was a human barbarian of the Tsu-tsu tribe of the Plain of Horses in the 13th and 14th centuries DR. A former lama, he became the qaghan or leader of the tribe.[3]


Hoijarek was originally a lama at the temples in the city of Jugicha. However, at the age of 50, he left his temple to serve as apa qaghan under his brother, Shajji Ghoiji, who at the time ruled the Tsu-tsu as qaghan.[3]

However, Ghoiji's government was corrupt and fell into chaos and finally rebellion circa 1337 DR. Thus Hoijarek stepped in, gathering capable advisors to his side and ascending as the new qaghan.[3]

For the next 20 years, Hoijarek ruled well and worked to reestablish order in Jugicha and revive Tsu-tsu prosperity. He opposed the Fankiang tribe and the rulers of Li-Raz as a means of uniting his people. However, during a raid, the Fankiang killed his wife and children, Hoijarek made a vow of vengeance, and all the Tsu-tsu swore with him.[3]

Hoijarek remained in power by 1357 DR, but knew he had only a few years remaining to witness the fall of the Fankiang before his old body succumbed to age.[3]

In 1357 DR, Hoijarek hatched a scheme to lure the Fankiang into a trap. He ordered forty camels be stained white and left to graze a day's ride west of Li-Raz, where they would inevitably be spotted by Fankiang scouts or herdsmen. Tsu-tsu horsemen then lay in wait to ambush any Fankiang who came to round up these apparently valuable beasts.[4]


As an old man of more than 70 years of age, Hoijarek had a hard time breathing and his body moved stiffly.[3]



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