Shalanar was the central barony of Erlkazar and included the capital of the kingdom.[1]


The king's lands were the primary agricultural providers. Besides the capital city, there were four farming villages and more than a dozen hamlets. Three additional villages made their livelihood from fishing.[1]


Shalanar Barony sat on the western shore of the portion of the Deepwash known locally as Shalane Lake.[1] Impresk Barony was to the north, Carrelath Barony to the west, Tanistan Barony to the southwest, and Ahlarkhem Barony to the southeast.[4]


Former adventurer and leader of Elestam's Crusaders, Korox Morkann was king of all Erlkazar and ruler of the barony of Shalanar in the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR. He ruled from the capital city of Llorbauth, ensconced in the royal stronghold of Klarsamryn.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

Hills' Cheer Distillery & Brewery
This brewery was the source of the popular Old One Eye beer.[1][5]
The capital of Shalanar and Erlkazar.[1]
Lost Lovers' Pool
This sea cave found north of Llorbauth was reachable only during low tide.[1]
The Mystics' Academy
This was the school of famed mage Gamalon Idogyr, among others.[1]
This fishing town had better shipbuilders than either Llorbauth or Duhlnarim.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit




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