In the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR, Shalara Swordshigh was the High Herald Old Night,[2] in charge of keeping the heraldry of the Realms in order and maintaining the huge library at Herald's Holdfast.[6][7]


Quiet-spoken, Old Night Shalara said almost nothing in Council of 12 Peers meetings, except to provide lore and information on current situations in the North. She could perfectly recall and quote all the words spoken by the other Peers back at them, but played no favorites. She merely strove for clarity in thought and argument.[5]


Shalara customarily wore bracers of armor +4 and carried a rusty iron sphere (iron bands of Bilarro) at her belt.[1]


Set aside your differences, and we may build something far stronger than the mightiest army, something that will outlast us all.
— Shalara Swordshigh[8]

Shalara was promoted to the office of Old Night after her predecessor, Haemar the Old, died sometime between the Year of the Worm, 1356 DR and the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR,[3][9] She belonged to Lady Alustriel Silverhand's Council of 12 Peers which helped rule the Silver Marches around 1370 DR.[2] Old Night held the title of Member at Large.[10] If Lady Alustriel died, Old Night would act as High Lady until the Council voted on a new ruler of the Silver Marches.[11]



  1. This is one of those rare instances when an NPC was described in both a 3rd edition and a v.3.5 source. The v.3.5 class levels are used for the categories, which do not distinguish between 3rd edition and 3.5.


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