Shalendra Floshin was a sun elf in Daggerford in 1370 DR[1] and circa 1486 DR.[2]


Shalendra was the sister of Darfin Floshin and daughter of Elorfindar Floshin. She was always attracted to the portal nexus connecting Ardeep Forest to Evermeet that her family surveyed.[2] In 1370 Shalendra was a cavalier-in-training not yet accepted into the house of the ducal lord of Daggerford.[1]

During a trip to Evermeet, she joined the Eldreth Veluuthra.[2]

She left Daggerford in disagreement with her father and went back only around 1445 DR when Elorfindar died. Only in 1485 DR however Shalendra met again her brother Darfin.[5]

Shortly before 1485 DR, Shalendra was investigating the ruins of a fallen portal when she was approached by the pit fiend Baazka, who had been attracted by her bitterness and burgeoning evil. Baazka convinced her to make a deal with the Red Wizards of Thay to reconstruct the portal using her knowledge and their resources. In truth, Baazka was using Shalendra as a contingency plan in the likely event that he was betrayed by the Red Wizards. Shalendra established herself in Floshin Estates, using its wards against intruders, and started working with the Red Wizards.[2] In the end, however, an adventuring party defeated the Thayans and redeemed Shalendra. After recovering, she vowed to make amends for all her mistakes, to fight the Red Wizards until they were expelled from Daggerford.[2]


Unlike her father and brother, Shalendra greatly despised the human rule of the North and did almost everything she could to weaken them. She truly believed Baazka's promise that he would entrust to her total control of the portal nexus.[2]



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